Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Smartcool Completes Energy Efficiency Projects in British Columbia

Smartcool's revolutionary ECO(3)(TM) technology generating savings in their own backyard

Smartcool Systems Inc. is pleased to announce it has completed several installations of its recently released ECO(3)(TM) technology into a variety of locations in Vancouver and the Interior of British Columbia. The energy savings being generated in these locations is proving that Smartcool can provide an economically viable solution to businesses looking to reduce their energy consumption, controlling their operating expenses, thereby boosting their bottom line.

The ECO(3)(TM) has been installed on refrigeration systems in a restaurant, a grocery store and a food processing plant and the air conditioning system for a small commercial building and a data centre.

"The success of the ECO(3)(TM) in these locations is very encouraging for Smartcool as it proves that we have developed a technology the makes economic sense in a region with relatively low electricity rates and a temperate climate," stated George Burnes, President of Smartcool Systems Inc.

ECO(3)(TM) is a revolutionary product specifically developed as a state of the art, secondary controller for air conditioning and refrigeration systems. It provides extensive cost savings and environmental benefits by optimizing the energy efficiency of air conditioning and refrigeration systems with one or two compressors. These cooling units are found in millions of buildings worldwide that includes telecom providers, retailers, restaurants, grocery and convenience stores, hotels, branch offices and other small commercial spaces, and residences.

"Smartcool is pleased to be working within our home province of British Columbia," added Chris Lefaivre, VP of Sales for Smartcool. "In recent months we have become a registered contractor in BC Hydro's "Power Smart Alliance" and qualified for the BC Venture Capital Tax Credit Program. The business community here is calling out for economically sound programs to reduce energy usage and their cost of power. With the ECO(3)(TM) we have developed a proven technology that meets those requirements with the added bonus of reducing greenhouse gas emissions. We are very proud to deliver a solution to today's problems that is both economically and ethically sound."


hinkley said...

It's always awesome to read about successful projects that are helping our environment. Thanks for sharing.

Kim said...

I think it is fantastic how we are using renewable energy and going green in so many ways. I think we also need to do things like reducing our energy usage, like installing geothermal heat pumps to replace high energy heating and cooling systems.