Monday, June 15, 2009

GridPoint Releases GridPoint Platform 3.0 with Customer Online Energy Programs

GridPoint, Inc., a leading smart grid company, announced the release of GridPoint Platform 3.0, a standards-based open platform that provides utilities with an intelligent network to manage and control distributed energy resources. GridPoint Platform 3.0 enables utilities to offer consumers online energy programs, delivers advanced demand response programs based on consumer preferences, grid status, real-time market prices and analytics, and expands the variety of home area network devices it controls. Additionally, the platform now provides utilities with an easy, cost-effective path to extend smart grid capabilities to residences equipped with AMR meters.

The platform allows utilities to progressively integrate and customize smart grid solutions, including energy efficiency, load management, renewable integration, storage management and electric vehicle management. The platform delivers these solutions through the integration of distributed energy resources, including plug-in electric vehicles, solar panels, advanced storage technologies, and household devices such as thermostats, electric water heaters and pool pumps.

GridPoint Platform 3.0 aggregates these assets into a single manageable resource that utilities control via the GridPoint Utility Portal. The platform provides utilities with availability, scheduling and forecasting, and measurement and verification. Furthermore, the platform’s auditing and reporting capabilities are a critical component for utilities seeking revenue-grade treatment for demand response events.

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