Wednesday, June 10, 2009

SunEdison announces the Renewable Operations Center

The Renewable Operations Center (ROC) Serves as the Hub for SunEdison Solar Fleet Monitoring, Remote Diagnostics, and Automated Service Dispatch

SunEdison today formally announced the opening of the ROC (Renewable Operations Center), North America's first fleet-wide PV management command and control center.

The ROC, located in SunEdison offices at the historic McClellan Air Force hangar, serves as the hub for SunEdison solar fleet performance data analysis, PV solar energy system monitoring, remote diagnostics, and automated service dispatch.

According to Mark Culpepper, CTO of SunEdison, "Our goal is simple - deliver more energy and thus more savings to our customers and greater returns to investors. The ROC enables SunEdison to manage remote diagnostics and, as needed, quickly dispatch local service crews in a matter of minutes. The ROC goes far beyond monitoring, creating visibility and transparency in solar energy delivered across any utility's service territory.

The advanced control and monitoring technologies of the ROC mark the first time in North America that commercial and government entities have transparency into the delivery and measurement of solar energy and associated environmental benefits. In addition, utility operators now have the option to have direct visibility into the energy delivered by the SunEdison solar fleet.

In 2008, SunEdison systems performed at over 100% of expected electricity generation. "A services architecture supporting the ROC and our discipline around service response are both key to exceeding generation expectations," Culpepper concluded. SunEdison has more than 65 megawatts of solar under management in the United States.

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