Friday, July 15, 2011

TXU Energy and SolarCity in $5M Solar Fund for Residential PV

TXU Energy and SolarCity, a leading solar and energy efficiency
provider, are expanding their partnership by establishing a $5 million
incentive fund to encourage and accelerate solar energy adoption in
Texas. The new solar fund will provide a $1,000 incentive for up to
5,000 new or current TXU Energy residential customers who sign up for
the solar offer.

The companies previously launched the first residential solar lease
offering in Texas in February 2010. The fund announced today is
available immediately in the Dallas, Fort Worth area and makes TXU
Energy's solar solutions even more attractive for interested

"Our goal is to deliver innovative solutions that give customers more
choice and flexibility in managing their energy usage" said Jim Burke,
CEO for TXU Energy. "Through our partnership with SolarCity, the
national leader in solar services, we are making renewable energy even
more affordable to our customers"

TXU Energy and SolarCity's expanded partnership also offers a full
service solution that includes system design, financing, equipment,
installation, insurance, monitoring, warranty and a guaranteed amount
of solar power production.

Most customers will realize savings on their total monthly electricity
costs while adopting clean power and reducing their carbon footprint.

"By making solar more affordable, more homeowners are able to go
solar. Our solar offer is the best in the Texas competitive
marketplace, and as a full service solar provider, we provide
homeowners with unmatched service" said Lyndon Rive, CEO of Solar

This is TXU Energy's latest in a string of innovations that help
customers better manage their energy use and control their electricity

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