Wednesday, July 13, 2011

PowerCost Monitor and People Power Help Homeowners Consume Less Energy

Blue Line Innovations makers of the proven PowerCost Monitor™, today announced a big step forward in choice and consumer engagement with their application partnership with People Power Company. The solution is live today and enables homeowners to see their real time electricity usage anywhere, anytime on iPhone and Android smart phones. People Power1.0 receives live data feeds every 32 seconds from the PowerCost Monitor™ WiFi Gateway, which is broadly available through Lowes, Amazon and other retailers.

Peter Porteous, CEO Blue Line Innovations, comments, “this is a huge step forward for consumers. As we know information is only the first baby step, what the consumer chooses to do with that information or what that data can enable in the home is the key. Early attempts such as the dashboards created by Microsoft Hohm™ or Google PowerMeter™ were terrific first steps but People Power1.0 takes the feature set and the opportunity for full family engagement to a whole new level. We have pioneered in this category since 2004, have over a 150,000 families using the PowerCost Monitor™ today and have terrific customer feedback and input. This partnership and mobile application really hits the mark”.

A full product overview and video can be found on the Blue Line website. People Power1.0 offers out of the gate today the following features with more layers to come;
• Real time energy use monitoring – now and trend charts. Real time rate structures are automatically loaded for the homeowner based on their specific utility or energy reseller.
• Energy Use Benchmarking – compare vs. others
• Set budgets and get recommendations. Track usage and progress against your own budget amounts and get real time alerts vs. end of month surprises
• Compete against friends – energy efficiency quizzes

“We are delighted to be partnered with Blue Line Innovations. We believe simplicity is key to a great customer experience and we love the fact that the PowerCost Monitor™ is proven and is easy to buy at any neighborhood Lowes. It's easy to install by anyone and does not require an electrician or an understanding of the breaker panel”, said Gene Wang, CEO People Power Company. "With People Power 1.0's easy set-up process on any Android or iOS device, customers are going to be excited about our Blue Line People Power solution to start managing their personal energy, anywhere, anytime” Porteous added, “this is another important step in bringing choice to our customer base. Our Blue Line strategy hinges on our unique and patent protected optical sensor. We are in the business of providing universal access to real time electricity data for both utilities and homeowners”.

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