Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Consolidated Edison and Comverge Provide Energy Efficiency to New York City's Homeless Services

Comverge, Inc. (Nasdaq:COMV), the leading provider of Intelligent Energy Management solutions for Residential and Commercial + Industrial (C+I) customers, today announced it has partnered with Consolidated Edison Company of New York (Con Edison) to help New York City's Department of Homeless Services reduce energy cost by approximately $120,000 per year. By leveraging Comverge's intelligent energy management software and services, New York City's Homeless Services will be in a better position to achieve its energy efficiency goals, reduce daily energy costs, and become eligible for financial incentives. The new deal marks more than 7,200 customers that Comverge and Con Edison have partnered with to help reduce their energy consumption.

"Homeless Services is committed to conserving energy and investing in environmental efforts for New York City," said Todd Hamilton, Acting Deputy Commissioner of Facility Maintenance and Development for the Department of Homeless Services. "By partnering with Comverge and Con Edison, we were able to strike a balance of serving our clients while effectively managing energy."

Comverge and Con Edison worked closely together to design a program that helps Homeless Services facilities operate more efficiently; this program calls for facilities to install energy efficient measures to reduce energy use during times of peak demand. By securing rebate incentives and lowering use on unusually hot days, New York City' s Homeless Services is able to reduce daily energy usage and generate capital to offset operational costs without sacrificing the well being of those it provides services for.

"Comverge and Con Edison have a long history of helping the residents and businesses in New York save energy by delivering intelligent energy management products and services," said Chris Camino, executive vice president of sales and CMO, Comverge. "The flexibility of our solution allows us to turn our understanding of complex customer challenges into programs that fit specific needs. Whether it be a need to reduce cost and understand the profile of their energy usage or a desire to serve as an energy steward in the fight against global warming, Comverge and its utility partners deliver savings without sacrificing operations or comfort."

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