Thursday, February 17, 2011

Top Ten Cleantech Trends in 2011 - GBI Research

GBI Research's report, "Top Ten Clean Technology Trends in 2011"
provides key information and detailed insight into the clean
technology industry trends. It contains a detailed analysis on the
major trends in various domains of the clean technology sector. The
report analyses the impact of government regulations in the water and
wastewater management industry, e-waste management industry, biofuel
market, and renewable energy sector. The report also provides
information on the emergence of green buildings to counter the threat
of climate change and resource scarcity and the emergence of carbon
trading and the smart grid market.

GBI Research identifies the top 10 trends to affect the petrochemical
industry in 2011 to be:

- Strict Implementation of E-waste Management Laws in Europe is
driving the E-waste Recovery Market in Europe
- Technological Innovations in Wind Turbine Design and Government
Incentives are triggering the Investments in the Wind Power Market
- Global Renewable Energy Share in World Marketed Energy Mix is set to
increase in 2011
- Increasing Water Shortage and Stringent Wastewater Discharge
Regulations is Expected to Drive the Desalination and Wastewater
Management Market in 2011
- Strategy of Incentivizing Green Initiatives and Enforcing a Minimum
Level of Standards Bodes Well for the Development of Green Buildings
- Government Intervention has Helped in Widespread Development
Application Of Biofuel
- Global Carbon Trading Market to Reach $180 Billion Mark by 2011
- Asia-Pacific is expected to Move up in the Global Smart Grid Market in 2011
- Rising Climate Change Concern is Shifting Attention Towards
Adaptation of Hybrid Vehicles
- Lithium-ion Battery Share is Poised to increase at the expense of
Ni-MH Battery share in the HEV Battery Market in 2011

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