Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Spirit of Innovation Awards: Promote Cleantech Innovations

Through the Spirit of Innovation Awards
(, high school students with a passion
for science and bettering the world have a chance to patent their
inventions, be interviewed in Popular Science Magazine or BBC World
News, or even attend the Annual White House Science Fair and be
recognized by President Obama.

The Conrad Foundation Spirit of Innovation Awards (SoIA) is an
international, multi-disciplinary program that combines the
Foundation's commitment to five core principles: innovation,
education, entrepreneurship, project-based learning, and community
engagement to advance achievement in science, technology, education
and math in U.S. schools.

SoIA presents student participants with a very broad challenge: create
an innovative product that can be used to address a real-world problem
with a real-world solution that can ultimately be viable in the
commercial marketplace. Students are given a blank slate within
several major categories, including clean energy, aerospace
exploration, clean water, agro science, and cyber security. They're
also required to conduct research to determine their creation's
potential market impact, and develop a full business plan while
working with mentors including world-class scientists, engineers,
academics, and business leaders.

Through entering the Wild Card Summit Invitation sweepstakes, everyone
can have a chance to attend the Innovation Summit at NASA from April
28 - May 1, 2011 in San Francisco, where they can make their
innovative dream a reality.
The opportunity closes on February 28, 2011.

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