Thursday, February 17, 2011

AOL Kids Cartoon: Gisele Protects the Earth from harm

Surf's up in the latest episode of "Gisele and the Green Team!" In
"The Case of the Storm Drain Sludge," Nick Slick has been dumping
barrels of oil sludge into the city's sewer system, and with heavy
rains on the horizon, oil is sure to wash into the ocean and pollute
the beach and sea life.

Click on the link below to find out if Gisele, Sophie, Keisha, Woo Li
and Alex can foil Slick's oil dumping operation in time to save the

Featuring an animated Gisele Bündchen, "Gisele & The Green Team" was
created by A2 Entertainment to empower young girls to believe in
themselves while learning about protecting and preserving the
environment. Kids can also visit to play
games, learn about ways they can go green and get inner and outer
beauty tips from Gisele herself.

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