Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Vestas ramps up Services teams, 150 new jobs

Vestas announced the opening of a brand new office in Randers, Denmark, to host its Spare Parts & Repair teams. Furthermore, locations for the leadership team are also being set up in Bristol, UK, together with sections of engineering, customer service and platform management. In Q4 2009, a gearbox service centre will open in Spain, and in Q1 2010, a second one will follow in Colorado, USA.

Since January 2009, Vestas has had a dedicated organisation for servicing its customers. Today, Vestas Spare Parts & Repair has a staff of 230, with the vast majority located in Randers, Denmark. By the end of 2010, an additional 150 people will have joined the Vestas Spare Parts & Repair.

"We are making these radical changes and large investments so that we can further improve the customer experience. These developments mark the continued focus on bringing service to world-class standards," Phil Jones, President of Vestas Spare Parts & Repair explains.

The entire warehouse and distribution network in Spare Parts & Repair will service the seven Vestas Sales Business Units, and the objectives are to be consolidated into one global, world-class network in 2010.

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