Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Customer Feedback: Solar Home in Camarillo, California - Chris & Wanda with SunRun as provider

This article is one of a series featuring feedbacks from customers who have turned into renewable energy producers or implemented energy efficiency plans.

- Happily married and enjoying retirement, Chris and Wanda have lived in Camarillo, California for the past 20 years. Since Chris retired from his job as a school administrator several years ago, he's loved having time to play golf, softball, and bridge with Wanda.

What they weren't enjoying about retirement was their electricity bills. Over the past few years, Chris had noticed his monthly power bills gradually getting more and more expensive, and it was daunting to think just how high those electricity bills might get.

Hoping to save money, Chris and Wanda started researching solar power. They contacted several solar installation companies but were disappointed every time. The price tag for solar electric panels was just too high to fit in their budget.

Chris and Wanda had all but given up when they heard about SunRun Power Plan. Finally, Chris and Wanda could switch to solar electricity while staying in their budget. They pay for solar electricity by the month, as they use it. And they love knowing that the rate they pay for solar electricity won't ever go up, unlike the utility company's rates.

Plus, because SunRun Power Plan comes with Full System Management, Chris and Wanda won't ever have to skip a round of golf or a game of bridge to take care of their solar system. They know they'll always get all the solar power they should because of SunRun's annual money-back performance guarantee. That means they'll never see those high utility bills again and that's what really matters.

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