Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Global Cleantech 100 - Most promising clean technology companies

The Guardian and Cleantech Group bring together the world's most promising clean technology companies.

They just released the 100 companies selected in the Cleantech 100.

Listed in alphabetical order:

A123 Systems, Massachusetts, USA
ACAL Energy, Cheshire, United Kingdom
Achates Power, California, USA
Adura Systems, California, USA
Albeo Technologies, Colarado, USA
Alertme, Cambridge, UK
AltaRock Energy, California, USA
Amyris Biotechnologies, California, USA
Aqwise, Herzliya, Israel
Arvia Technology, Liverpool, UK
Better Place, California, USA
BioGasol, Ballerup Denmark
Bloom Energy, California, USA
Boston Power, Massachusetts, USA
BridgeLux, California, USA
BrightSource Energy, California, USA
CamSemi, Cambridge, UK
ChapDrive, Trondheim, Norway
Chemrec, Stockholm, Sweden
ChromoGenics Sweden, Uppsala, Sweden
ClimateWell, H├Ągersten, Sweden
Cobalt Biofuels, California, USA
Concentrix Solar, Freiburg, Germany
Coskata, Illinois, USA
Cpower, New York, USA
d.light design, New Delhi, India
Danfoss AquaZ, Nordborg, Denmark
Deeya Energy, California, USA
Electro Power Systems, Turin, Italy
eMeter, California, USA
EnOcean, Munich, Germany
Enphase Energy, California, USA
EnStorage, Zichron Yaacov, Israel
EPS Corporation, California, USA
Epuramat, Luxembourg
Exosect, Winchester, UK
Fallbrook Technologies, California, USA
Fisker Automotive, California, USA
G24i, Cardiff, UK
Gevo, Colorado, USA
GreenVolts, California, USA
GridPoint, Virginia, USA
Heliatek, Dresden, Germany
HydroPoint Data Systems, California, USA
Ice Energy, Colorado, USA
Imara, California, USA
Infinia, Washington, USA
Inge, Griefenberg, Germany
IQWind, Bazra, Israel
Jain Irrigation Systems, Jalgaon, India
LS9, San Francisco, California, US
Luca Technologies, Colorado, US
Marine Current Turbines, Bristol, UK
Mascoma, Lebanon, New Hampshire, US
MBA Polymers, California, US
Metalysis, Rotherham, UK
Microvi Biotech, Union City, California, US
MIOX, Albuquerque, New Mexico, US
NanoH20, Los Angeles, California, US
Neosens, Toulouse, France
Nordic Windpower, Berkeley, California, US
Novaled, Dresden, Germany
Nujira, Cambridge, UK
Oasys, Cambridge, Massachusetts, US
Odersun, Frankfurt, Germany
Ostara Nutrient Recovery Technologies, Vancouver, Canada
Pelamis Wave Power, Edinburgh, Scotland
Pentadyne Power, Chatsworth, California, US
Power Plus Communications, Manheim, Germany
Powerit, Seattle, US
QuantaSol, Kingston, UK
Recupyl, Grenoble, France
ResponsiveLoad (RLTech), London, UK
ReVolt Technology, Zurich, Switzerland
Sapphie Energy, San Diego, California, US
Serious Materials, Sunnvale, California, US
SiC Processing, Hirschau, Germany
Silver Spring Networks, Redwood City, California, US
SmartSynch, Jackson, Mississippi, US
Solaire Direct, Paris, France
Solarcentury, London UK
SolarCity, Foster City, California, US
SolarEdge Technologies, Palo Alto, California, US
Solazyme, San Francisco, California, US
Solel Solar Systems, Beit Shemesh, Israel
Solexant, San Jose, California, US
Solyndra, Fremont, California, US
Sulfurcell Solartechnik, Berlin, Germany
SunEdison, Beltsville Maryland, US
SynapSense, Folsom, California, US
Tendril Networks, Boulder, Colorado, US
Tesla Motors, San Carlos, California, US
Tigo Energy, Los Gatos, California, US
Trilliant, Redwood City, California, US
Ubidyne, Germany
Verdiem, Seattle, Washington, US
Xunlight, Toledo, Ohio, US
Xylophane, Gothenburg, Sweden
Zeachem, Lakewood, Colorado, US
Ze-Gen, Boston, Massachusetts, US

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