Monday, October 18, 2010

Empire State Building Saves Energy and Money

The Empire State Building is getting an energy efficiency makeover.
Standing as a model for architecture of its time, the legendary
skyscraper is now becoming a model of energy efficiency for other
large and pre-WWII buildings. There's even an exhibit to showcase the
changes in the building and encourage consumers to make energy
efficiency changes of their own.

The multi-million dollar retrofit, which began in April 2009 and will
end in 2013, consists of eight key renovations. The project is
expected to reduce the building's total energy use by 38 percent,
compared with typical commercial retrofits that save only 10 to 20
percent. Although retrofitting this 2.5 million square-foot giant will
cost more than $13 million, building owners expect payback within five
years after the renovations are complete.

The Empire State's 8 Key Renovations:

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