Saturday, November 01, 2008

Renewable energy on the EU Agenda

The implementation of an European Energy Research Alliance was recently defended in Bruxels, a measure that is intended to boost up new technologies and favour the use of clean energy in the European Union (EU).

The measure was proposed by the European Commission and is seen by entities as a «determining factor» in the sense that it may improve the growth of new technologies which may distinguish themselves by producing low carbon emissions and help increasing the scale of the clean energy tech market.

The main EU research institutes will be responsible for the alliance, which is based on the idea of «amplifying and improving the means» dedicated to the investigation of the energetic sector.

The creation of cooperative programs at state and EU level will serve as a starting point for fulfilling the «triple challenge of: energetic safety, climatic change and competitiveness, which the EU is facing today»

This alliance was created on the framework of the Set-Plan, a model intended to promote the development of renewable energy and reduce, on the long-term, the EU dependence on fossil fuel imports.

CO2 storage, bio, solar and wind energy, sustainable fusion and intelligent electric supply are amongst the processes intended to be improved through the creation of this plan.

Source: IOL PortugalDiƔrio

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