Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Iberdrola ranks No.1 in the world for wind

Spanish utility Iberdrola is now the world leader in wind power, says new rankings released by Cambridge, Mass.-based Emerging Energy Research.

Iberdrola owns 6.9 gigawatts, according to EER, adding more than 1.55 gigawatts in 2007. EER said most of that growth is attributed to new construction in Spain and the United States and also to the firm's acquisition of ScottishPower.

Mergers and acquisitions accounted for about one-third of total wind ownership growth among Europe's top 20 wind owners in 2007, EER said, though Iberdrola will likely continue to lead the European wind power market in 2008, analysts predicted, with sustained growth in its European markets -- Spain, France, Italy, Poland, and Britain.

Chinese power generation firm DaTang joined LongYuan in representing the recent Chinese wind market growth in EER's global rankings. Analysts said Chinese state-owned companies are well-positioned in the country's wind power sector due to the importance of government-sponsored wind projects in meeting emissions reduction goals and increased demand for power.

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