Sunday, October 29, 2006

Square D web tool helps users calculate energy savings

Users can calculate energy savings at Square D lean tools web site

NASHVILLE, Tenn. — October 18, 2006 — Schneider Electric announces a Web-based tool to assist facility managers, consulting engineers and operations managers looking for ways to reduce energy consumption without sacrificing productivity. Square D Lean Tools is an innovative collection of Web calculators that allow users to estimate potential energy savings to be gained by implementing various energy efficiency solutions. These Schneider Electric solutions allow users to optimize energy costs while enhancing a facility’s performance, reliability, safety and ease of use.

“Everyone is faced with rising energy costs and concerns for the environment. Add to that new mandates and incentives as a result of the Energy Policy Act of 2005, and there are significant reasons to implement energy efficiency solutions to reduce energy consumption,” says Cassandra Quaintance, manager of Schneider Electric’s Energy Market Segment group. “The Square D Lean Tools site allows visitors to calculate the potential energy savings available through the adoption of Schneider Electric solutions.”

The site, , hosts step-by-step product-specific calculators. The main screen allows the user to preview the individual product features to understand how each can benefit the application. The user can then create a customized program that will calculate the potential energy savings of implementing one or more of the solutions at the facility.

“Whether a user requires Square D advanced metering systems to monitor and assess energy consumption or is looking to examine the benefits of an advanced lighting control system, Schneider Electric provides comprehensive, intelligent responses to manage energy challenges,” Quaintance says. “And now, thanks to the Lean Tools Web site, a user can get the necessary information to determine the potential ROI of such projects.”

The site currently contains five calculation tools:

1. A lighting control energy efficiency calculator that allows the user to calculate the savings that can be recouped by installing Square D lighting control. In commercial buildings, lighting often accounts for more than 30 percent of the total electrical energy consumed.

2. A transformer calculator that allows the user to calculate the savings realized by installing Square D energy efficient transformers, which provide the best combination in the industry of optimal performance and superior quality.

3. A drives calculator that determines the cost savings when using adjustable frequency drives instead of operating the AC motors with constant speed, a key factor with the rising cost of energy. Schneider Electric has provided adjustable frequency drive solutions for HVAC fan and pumping applications for more than 30 years.

4. The Square D PowerLogic calculator, a power monitoring and control system that gives users the information needed to save money on utilities and other hidden costs of operating a facility. The meters and monitors in the PowerLogic system have an average payback period of six months and an average payback of 200 percent.

5. Square D AccuSine Power Correction System (PCS), which is designed to correct for harmonics and poor displacement power factor. By entering the information in this calculator, the program defines the amount of corrective current to be provided by the AccuSine PCS to meet the objective.

Quaintance says additional calculators are planned for the Square D Lean Tools site, including building automation and control and lighting equipment selection.

“Square D Lean Tools is one more method for Schneider Electric to assist our customers in assessing their energy efficiency opportunities,” she says. “If an operations manager, for example, has ever wondered how his facility could become more energy efficient, Square D Lean Tools can provide those answers.”

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