Monday, October 30, 2006

Australia: Solar-powered air conditioners 'needed'

Solar-powered air-conditioners should be rolled out across Australia to dramatically cut the nation's greenhouse gas emissions, say a national group of architects.

Archicentre - the building advisory service of the Royal Australian Institute of Architects - is calling for the federal and state governments to immediately pursue the development and commercialisation of the emerging technology.

A national roll-out strategy is also needed, says Archicentre Victoria state manager David Hallett, to tackle the "clear and present danger" of climate change and energy constraint.

"Energy authorities have been warning for years that the explosion of power-hungry air-conditioners in Australia threatens the stability of the electrical grid during peak power demands during summer," Mr Hallett says.

"When demand is at its highest, potential solar energy supply is also at its highest. This is a natural association and should be a key strategy."


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