Thursday, June 22, 2006

Keeping Summer Electricity Bills Under Control: Top Tips from America's Leading Energy Asset Manager

ConsumerPowerline Shares Their Bill-Cutting Strategies that Help Macy's, Starwood Hotels, CB Richard Ellis and More to Save on Energy Costs

Just because the mercury's rising this summer, doesn't mean that home energy bills have to, according to ConsumerPowerline (, the nation's leading strategic energy asset management firm.

"Although strategies that we employ for our clients, including Macy's, Starwood Hotels and CB Richard Ellis to save and make money on their commercial property energy bills are quite different from those that we'd recommend to consumers, the fundamental principles are similar and can be used with some great money- and tax-saving results," said Mike Gordon, founder and president of ConsumerPowerline. "Some changes are immediate, and others are more long-term, but all of them are easier and cheaper than most people realize."

ConsumerPowerline has helped many of America's largest energy consumers to both reduce their peak energy use and generate significant revenue streams from selling their reduced peak consumption back into the energy markets -- as if they were each mini-power plants.

Similar approaches can help the average consumer household to spend less than the average of $1,500 yearly on energy bills. By following some simple steps, consumers can cut 12 to 15 percent ($180 to $225), off their annual energy bills and these numbers can be significantly more depending on the city and state.

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