Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Business Leaders in Clean Technology Discuss Their Competitive Advantage

New York, NY -- On Thursday, June 15, eight CEOs from successful green technology companies will share their experience in the rapidly growing market segment called “cleantech.”
Last year, investments in cleantech grew 35% to a record $1.6 billion in North America alone, making it now the fifth largest investment category following biotech, software, medical and telecommunications according to data released in March 2006 by the Cleantech Venture Network.
The recent launch of the NASDAQ Clean Edge U.S. Index is evidence of the strength and staying power of this investment category. Green ventures are scaling up rapidly and cleantech IPOs are yielding strong returns. This growth is coming at a time when it is needed most. Global warming, depletion of resources, rising energy prices and heightened concern over energy, water and food security are motivating industries to seek new ways to help solve environmental problems while achieving business success.

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