Thursday, November 24, 2005

Fidel Castro Leads Cuba to Energy Conservation

President Fidel Castro announced that Cuba is implementing measures to put the island at the forefront of energy conservation.

He participated on Wednesday's edition of a nationwide prime time TV and radio program, addressing the topic.

After months of encouraging the population to conserve energy, the Cuban leader explained that the increase in electricity rates for excess consumption was taken due to the increasing cost of oil on the world market and to promote power savings in the country. He noted it was time for the island to take action in order to change the local habits regarding electricity, provided the population at heavily subsidized rates.

The President said the most recent measures are geared to create a culture of energy saving and safeguarding the economy.

According to a government decree released early Wednesday, electric tariffs continue to be subsidized and unchanged for those who consume up to 100 kilowatts per month. For those consuming more, a table of progressively increasing rates was put in place as of December

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