Monday, November 29, 2010

The Solar Future: India

In 2010 India launched the National Solar Mission, which aims to install 20,000 MW of solar installations by 2022. This ambitious goal opens a whole spectrum of new solar PV business opportunities. India is a fast growing country and economy, with permanent electricity shortages. New power plants have to be built in order to sustain further rapid growth. The country has a very high amount of sunshine and its land and labor are relatively cheap. All of this makes India one of the most logic places on earth for large scale solar PV application.

The Solar Future: India conference will feature many expert speakers from the industry itself, the financial institutions, the industry associations and the government. The combination of their knowledge and the audience's expertise and participation will provide a platform where all of these questions will be answered. Learn how to get started tomorrow: building your own manufacturing plant, your business or project.

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Ned said...

I think this is a great idea for India. The solar energy they will be able to harness will certainly benefit them.