Monday, May 19, 2008

Biggest solar PV plant in North America started

First Light, the largest solar PV facility in North America, will be located in Ontario, Canada. It will be developed by SkyPower Corp and SunEdison Canada and it will feature an astonishing 19 MW.

The joint venture will not only build the plant, but it will also operate it. The plant is expected to be completed by the end of 2009, although the first 9 MW should be connected to the grid during 2008. The Ontario Power Authority will purchase the electricity produced by the plant.

In 2006, the Ontario government launched the Renewable Energy Standard Offer Program, a scheme to promote investment and employment in the green power industry. The First Light announcement is a clear sign that the goals set by the Standard Offer Program are reachable, according to both companies.

According to Mr Gerry Phillips, Ontario's Minister of Energy in just one year the Renewable Energy Standard Offer Program has met the target set for the next ten years. Ontario aimed for 2,700 MW of green power to be installed by 2010.

Indeed Canada, with plenty of land available and little population, could easily supply a substantial amount of energy with solar power in the coming years. A fast-growing network of solar companies is being developed in the country, so robust growth in solar capacity is only a matter of time.

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