Monday, March 03, 2008

Green 2020 working with ProcServe to Lower Carbon Emissions in the Supply Chain

Green 2020, a specialist environmental software consultancy has announced today that it has partnered with ProcServe, a leading provider of procurement and marketplace connectivity solutions, to drive lower emissions in procurement processes for customers and their suppliers.

Green 2020, a specialist supply chain environmental software company, provides expertise in the development of environmental policy, environmental management systems, carbon management systems, energy monitoring and carbon foot print assessments.

Green 2020's expertise is in the reduction of carbon emissions and is working with ProcServe to help measure and improve the environmental performance of both buyers and suppliers. As an added value service to ProcServe's procurement service Green 2020 are providing solutions to help buy side and supply side organisations reduce energy use, measure and reduce carbon emissions and ultimately to save money.

Philip Emsley, Chief Operating Officer at Green 2020, commented "We are very excited to be working with ProcServe to be able to offer our environmental services to both buying and supplying organisations. The bringing together of an electronic Marketplace platform and an Environmental Performance Improvement service will be the first of its kind and will ensure that organisations both large and small are working together to lower their carbon footprints and improve their environmental performance"

Veera Johnson, CEO, ProcServe said "With ProcServe's growing presence on the global arena of Procurement based eCommerce, for us to be able to provide an environmental management service to our global customers and suppliers is not only a bonus but it is our responsibility to help make a significant contribution to the Climate Change agenda. A purchasing decision is the first stage of the carbon emission lifecycle and if we can encourage our clients to purchase with and from suppliers with minimal environmental impact then we will be making a significant contribution to help reduce global emissions".

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