Monday, August 27, 2007

Green Drivers Spot Clean Fuels with Earthcomber

What's the biggest challenge for anyone using alternative fuels? Obviously, where to fill it up! Here's a new service to help drivers who are going green, go the distance.
Earthcomber, a wireless mobile information network, recently launched a free scanning service so travelers can spot alternative fuel at nearly 4,000 locations across the US.

This means that anyone using a mobile phone, PDA, Blackberry, or iPhone can quickly determine at any point on their journey where the closest location is to get refueled.

The list includes the following:

  • BioDiesel
  • E85 (Ethanol)
  • LPG (liquified petroleum gas)
  • CNG (compressed natural gas)
  • Hydrogen
  • Electric (hookups to recharge electric cars and hybrids)
How to get it: go to http://mobile/earthcomber/com

Earthcomber works with regular computers, BlackBerrys, web-enabled cell phones, iPhones, Palm and Windows Mobile devices.

The alternative fuels are listed under the “Transport” menu.

Earthcomber currently is popular with travelers for finding ATMs, restaurants, local events, churches, shopping, amusements and more. It also is a platform that users share to find special interest locations ranging from Frank Lloyd Wright buildings to movie locations to ghost towns.

Because Earthcomber spots events and personal interests, it can be an easy navigation tool for eco-conscious individuals. It works with or without GPS, allowing people to set their location with an easy on-screen menu.

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Anonymous said...

If you like spotting alternative fuels on the phone with Earthcomber, check out our app on the web. Just go to and click on "Try it Now!". It'll direct you to our web app that's currently in Beta. You'll have an even easier time spotting where fueling stations are located in relation to you. We'd love to hear what you like and what you don't like about our app. There's a Feedback link within the app and on our main site. Or, if you feel so inclined, you can write about it in your blog. Constructive criticism from fellow technology enthusiasts helps us make a better experience and product for you - the users. Thanks!