Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Innovative Green Office Solution will divert 33% of office waste from landfills

Based on the concept of Biophilia, the instinctive bond between humans and other living systems, COOLER Solutions and Loop are designing workplace solutions which will bring natural systems indoors into the artificial office environment. One product being designed is a workplace composting system, where the compost produced will then be used to feed a container of plants above. Excess compost can be bagged for employees to take home for their gardens or house plants.

Currently, organic waste makes up 33% of the waste stream in offices, this means that an office of 25 people produces about 70 cubic feet of waste per year. To give perspective, that amount would fill an average backyard garden shed! While some efforts have been made to divert organic waste from home residences, the majority of offices do not have an effective solution and organic waste gets thrown in the garbage and ends up in landfills.

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