Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Enecsys launches solar PV micro-inverter

Patented technology improves energy harvest by up to 20% and achieves high-reliability and product life expectancy of at least 25 years

Enecsys Limited announces the launch of the first solar PV grid-connected micro-inverter for both the European and North American markets. A solar PV system based on Enecsys micro-inverters will have improved energy harvest and therefore cut the cost of harvested power by up to 20% over the lifetime of the installation compared with a conventional system using string inverters. The Enecsys solar micro-inverter is also designed for high reliability operation and to have a life expectancy of at least 25 years, thereby matching the life of solar modules to which they are directly connected. In addition, PV systems using Enecsys micro-inverters are simpler to plan, easier to install and intrinsically safer as power conversion from DC to AC is performed at each solar module, eliminating the need for high voltage DC wiring and specialized practices or equipment.

Three product versions are available, one for 200W maximum inverter input power, one for 240W and one for 280W.

The Enecsys micro-inverters operate with both European (220-240Vac, 50Hz) and North American (110-120Vac, 60Hz) electricity grids. Products are presently CE certified and country specific requirements, including VDE V 0126-1: 2006 compliance, are achieved through the use of specific Enecsys installation products. The North American market certification, UL1741, is expected in July this year.

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