Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Acro offers Solar Purchase Agreements with SunRun

Acro Energy Technologies Corp. (TSX Venture: ART) now offers California customers a solar power purchase agreement through a new strategic alliance with SunRun, the nation`s leading home solar service company.

As part of the companies` agreement, Acro Energy and SunRun will offer solar electricity service agreements to residential customers and Acro Energy will sell solar electricity facilities to SunRun as a preferred solar systems integrator. With SunRun`s unique solar power purchase agreements, homeowners pay a small one-time system installation fee and then a low monthly bill to have solar energy power their homes. The one-time system installation fee is a fraction of the normal upfront cost of installing a home solar system.

SunRun`s power purchase agreements provide Acro Energy customers with monitoring, repairs, insurance and a performance guarantee for solar systems, offering homeowners additional simplicity and peace of mind when switching to solar power.

"The ability of homeowners to finance solar electricity systems is the single biggest hurdle for the solar integration market. Offering SunRun to our customers is a competitive advantage for Acro Energy," said Nat Kreamer, Interim President of Acro Energy. "It should help us convert a significant number of currently contracted customers, who want an affordable solar financing option, into revenue."

"Our relationship with Acro Energy will allow SunRun to bring affordable solar to even more homeowners in California," said SunRun President Lynn Jurich. "Together, we look forward to growing the number of homeowners who are getting clean energy and saving money."


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