Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Solar Power for your Home - DIY

Enjoying the luxury of using solar power in your home isn't really an expensive affair. Find out how you can build your very own solar power system and the various materials you need to get the whole process done cheaply and efficiently.

Home Power Generation - Solar power creates zero pollution, does not harm the environment, and it is always available. It is one of the most readily available sources of renewable energy on earth, and yet only a small fraction of it is used, mainly due to the expense of installing photovoltaic cells that turn sunlight into energy. Experts have likened installing solar cells to paying for your energy for the next twenty years in advance; a solar setup can cost from $20,000 to $50,000. Although initially, installing solar panels can be quite costly, the long term result is sure to be that of great savings.

However, the present advancement in technology have made solar power kits more affordable, putting solar energy within reach of average American families who not only want to join the renewable energy movement but also save money on their energy bills. Solar power kits now can help homeowners to build their own solar system for as little as $200.

Materials you’ll need to prepare apart from the solar power kit:

• A sheet of plywood
• Wire crimping tool
• Wire cutters
• Solder, 60/40 or silver
• Soldering iron, or soldering station
• Sheets of glass
• Drill
• Copper wires
• Screwdriver
• Cobalt steel jobbers' twist drill bit, heavy duty, wire gauge size 26, 3" L, 1c" L flute
• Machine screw size high-speed steel hand tap taper, 10-24, H3 pitch diameter, 4 flute
• 7/32 drill bit
• Plastic sheet cutter
• Reamer
• Pliers
• Hacksaw

How can solar power kits help you save money on your energy bills? Try this simple exercise: compute how much energy your home appliances consume and how much it costs you to buy this electricity from your local power utility. Then consider that if you use solar power to operate these appliances, it is virtually free once you get past initial installation costs. You'll be surprised at how much you can save, even if not all of your appliances are powered by solar cells.

There truly is no reason for homeowners not to shift to using solar power to meet their electricity needs. And solar power kits could ease this transition by putting the technology within reach of the majority of American families.

If you’re tired of your expensive monthly electrical bills, learn how easily solar power can save you a whole lot of money every month.

Source: PRLog press release


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Solar Battery Chargers is what I use to save on my electric bill every month! You should get one too!

drhoss said...

Great article! Very Informative. I too have realized some of The Benefits of Solar Power for Homes. I have reduced my energy bill by at least 30%. Also I have reduced the impact that I am having on the environment.

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