Monday, July 06, 2009

Home Wind Turbine - Things you need to know

Home wind turbine has become a widely popular energy saving system around the world today, Find out how you can turn wind as energy when you build your own wind turbine today!

The characteristic of a home wind turbine is specially designed to be environmentally friendly and costs saving. With the existence of harmful greenhouse gases in our environment today, it is recommended to have one of these great systems to reduce the amount of pollutants being produced into the environment.

Looking into more benefits of a home wind turbine, its features also include generating free supply of electricity from natural wind energy, as such; you can save over 80% of your electrical bills every month. In other words, if you are interested in saving money, one of the most effective ways to save money is by switching to alternative sources of creating electricity with a home wind turbine.

Things You Need To Know:

1. Wind Flow
A home wind turbine requires wind at a constant rate to operate efficiently. Check the yearly average amount of wind flow in your area.
If you are staying in the U.S, you can acquire the windflow data from the American Wind Energy Association website at

2. Watch Out Obstructions Surrounding Your House
Research for tall obstructions around the surrounding of your house. This is important as they may hinder the wind flow towards your house.

Besides man-made objects, look out for huge trees that get in the way of the wind flow to your house. Remember, your home wind turbine needs as much wind flow in order for it to perform well.

3. Check If Home Wind Turbines Are Allowed In Your Area
Check with your local CC&Rs and local zoning if it is alright to have a home wind turbine installed beside or behind your house.

Base on the huge amount of searches on the internet, an increasing amount of homeowners are interested to use home wind turbines to power their homes today. This real and practical approach to save costs and protect the environment has grown enormously popular, cheap and practical.

A home wind turbine is very affordable, especially when you do-it-yourself. The estimated cost to build your very own home wind turbine is around a hundred dollars.

There are many installation guides available for building your own DIY home wind turbines on the internet. You may want to check out the guides available at There, you can find top guides on how to build a solar panel, a home wind turbine and a solar water heater altogether.

Alternative, you may want to get your home wind turbine installation guide directly here:


Unknown said...

Great information for people who are interested in helping the environment while saving $$ as well.
For more information on what countries are doing with clean energy visit


Domestic Wind Turbines said...

In the UK, it was recently found that some turbines in particularly exposed areas were able to generate over $3000 worth of electricity a year. I believe it was pole mounted which also helps a lot.