Monday, May 18, 2009

Limbach Energy Solutions Embraces Demand for Energy Efficiency, Expands Into Eight New Markets

Limbach Facility Services, one of the United States leading specialty contractors, announced today that it is expanding its energy services portfolio designed to help building owners lower energy costs and cut greenhouse gas emissions through improved energy efficiency. The Pittsburgh-based company, which has specialized in mechanical contracting for more than a century, will offer its suite of building retrofit services to building owners in eight new markets including Boston, Detroit, Los Angeles, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, Orlando, Tampa and Washington DC.

For the last 16 years, Limbach Energy Solutions has provided energy retrofit services to schools, hospitals and government buildings in Ohio. New government incentives and the prospect of rising energy costs, meanwhile, are prompting building owners across the country to update mechanical and electrical systems to generate substantial long-term cost savings.

“Limbach is a company steeped in tradition. We’ve survived a depression, more recessions than I can count, two World Wars and being acquired by Enron. We’ve succeeded this long because we’re not afraid to embrace changes that benefit our customers, our employees and our bottom-line,” said Charlie Bacon, CEO, Limbach.

Limbach’s roots as a specialty mechanical contractor and building service partner provide the company a unique perspective in the energy solutions market. By leveraging its entire portfolio of mechanical contracting services from building design to construction and all the way through building maintenance, Limbach provides a single source of accountability for building retrofits.

Qualified building owners are given a comprehensive energy audit and then provided a variety of options ranging from performance contracts to retrofit options, building re-commissioning, and operational improvement recommendations. The audit examines several options, including utility procurement, building envelope improvements, lighting system upgrades, HVAC equipment replacements and service, automatic temperature controls and building management systems, water conservation, and any other areas where owners spend money to operate their buildings. Building enhancements are ideal for hospitals, K-12 and higher education schools, and federal, state and municipal government buildings, as well as owner-occupied commercial and industrial buildings.

“We’re not just a project financier, equipment provider or general contractor,” said David Leathers, senior vice president, Building Service and Energy Solutions, Limbach. “We’re the single-source for the entire project. That reduces the number of touch points and layers of accountability and ensures that we deliver stellar results. Because we self perform, we control the project schedule and project quality. And because we’re vendor neutral, each individual customer can be assured we’re providing the best solution possible.”

In recent years, the company has contributed its energy-saving expertise to Ohio facilities such as Marion General Hospital, Worthington Schools, the Chillicothe Correctional Institution, and National Defense University in Washington, D.C.

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