Tuesday, April 07, 2009

SKYShades Sets Stage for Clean Energy Architectural Revolution with Power Plastic Shipment

Solar technology met architectural wonder when SKYShades® and Konarka
Technologies Inc. entered into a technology partnership a year ago.
After a year of testing, SKYShades has received its first shipment of
Konarka Power Plastic® thin film, which converts light to energy, in
order to begin mass production of its first product the Powerbrella™.

The Powerbrella™ incorporates the lightweight Power Plastic® on the
surface of SKYShades' retractable and fixed architectural SKYbrella.
Designed for use at outdoor venues such as cafés and restaurants,
hotel and resort swimming pools and outdoor lounges, the Powerbrella™
provides customers coverage from the sun while that energy is used to
power their laptop, cell phone or other portable devices.

For more information, visit www.skyshades.com

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