Tuesday, February 03, 2009

US wind energy grows by record 8,300 MW in 2008

The U.S. wind energy industry shattered all previous records in 2008 by installing 8,358 megawatts (MW) of new generating capacity (enough to serve over 2 million homes), the American Wind Energy Association (AWEA) said today, even as it warned of an uncertain outlook for 2009 due to the continuing financial crisis.
The massive growth in 2008 swelled the nation’s total wind power generating capacity by 50% and channeled an investment of some $17 billion into the economy, positioning wind power as one of the leading sources of new power generation in the country today along with natural gas, AWEA added. At year’s end, however, financing for new projects and orders for turbine components slowed to a trickle and layoffs began to hit the wind turbine manufacturing sector.
“Our numbers are both exciting and sobering,” said AWEA CEO Denise Bode. “The U.S. wind energy industry’s performance in 2008 confirms that wind is an economic and job creation dynamo, ready to deliver on the President’s call to double renewable energy production in three years. At the same time, it is clear that the economic and financial downturn have begun to take a serious toll on new wind development. We are already seeing layoffs in the area where wind’s promise is greatest for our economy: the wind power manufacturing sector. Quick action in the stimulus bill is vital to restore the industry’s momentum and create jobs as we help make our country more secure and leave a more stable climate for our children.”
The new wind projects completed in 2008 account for about 42% of the entire new power-producing capacity added nationally last year, according to initial estimates, and will avoid nearly 44 million tons of carbon emissions, the equivalent of taking over 7 million cars off of the road.
The amount that the industry brought online in the 4th quarter alone – 4,112 MW - exceeds annual additions for every year except 2007. In all, wind energy generating capacity in the U.S. now stands at 25,170 MW, producing enough electricity to power the equivalent of close to 7 million households and strengthening our national energy supply with a clean, inexhaustible, homegrown source of energy.
Iowa, with 2,790 MW installed, surpassed California (2,517 MW) in wind power generating capacity. The top five states in terms of capacity installed are now:
-Texas, with 7,116 MW
-Iowa, with 2,790 MW
-California, with 2,517 MW
-Minnesota, with 1,752 MW
-Washington, with 1,375 MW
Oregon moved into the club of states with more than 1,000 MW installed, which now counts seven states: Texas, Iowa, California, Minnesota, Washington, Colorado, and Oregon.
About 85,000 people are employed in the wind industry today, up from 50,000 a year ago, and hold jobs in areas as varied as turbine component manufacturing, construction and installation of wind turbines, wind turbine operations and maintenance, legal and marketing services, and more. About 8,000 of these jobs are construction jobs, and a significant number of those will be lost in 2009 if financing for the pipeline of new projects is not quickly restored.
Wind power’s recent growth has also accelerated job creation in manufacturing, where the share of domestically manufactured wind turbine components has grown from under 30% in 2005 to about 50% in 2008. Wind turbine and turbine component manufacturers announced, added or expanded 70 new facilities in the past two years, including over 55 in 2008 alone. Those new manufacturing facilities created 13,000 new direct jobs in 2008. However, because of the recent slowdown in orders, wind turbine and turbine component manufacturers in different parts of the country are beginning to announce layoffs.
“The hope is that provisions such as those included in the House stimulus bill to restore the effectiveness of the tax incentives for renewable energy will quickly become law and provide the capital needed to continue to build projects,” said Bode. “Because wind projects can be built quickly, positive legislation from Congress will have immediate and visible effects. Looking forward, it will also be important for the new Administration and Congress to put in place long-term, supportive renewable energy policies to make the new clean energy economy a reality.”
State-by state installation information is available at www.awea.org/projects. For more on the policies that are needed see http://www.newwindagenda.org/.

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Bob said...

Awesome New, thanks!
John F. Kennedy once said “When you have seven percent unemployed, you have ninety-three percent working. “ It is that type of optimism that we need to help us to move onto a path of growth and hope ! These days there is so much to keep us down and frightened about the future not just on TV but on the Internet and everywhere.

So many people are focused on the negative and constantly playing the armchair quarterback in a negative way. The pundits in the media have an endless supply of bad news and speculative forecasts that if listened to and dwelled upon could cause people to wonder “why get out of bed tomorrow what’s the point”?

Let’s focus on the good news because the glass is really “half full”:

• Clean technology took over in the amount of venture funding received in 2008.
• The amount invested in CleanTech by venture companies grew from 6 billion in 07’ to 8 billion in 08’ and while that is predicted to decline slightly in 09’ it is still well above 0’7 figures.
• The total invested in Clean Technology grew last year from $75.8 billion to over $115 billion.
• The US took over as the largest producer of Wind Energy in the World.
• Smart grid investment is set to improve our use of electric power with new investment in new smart grid technology 08’ of over 3 billion.
• The US stimulus plan has 70 billion in incentives to help grow CleanTechnology , which in turn should help create Wind Jobs, Solar Jobs, Hydro Job, Biofuel Jobs etc.
• Of that 70 million in stimulus 17 million is devoted to help move solar and wind power from remote locations to the consumers.
• The news in the stock markets in the US has been strong with a gain of 20% in recent weeks.

Being at the forefront of the leading technology that has the ability to shape the future of the World in many aspects from economically to environmentally, let’s take the lead on having a positive attitude! So I am inviting anyone that has good news to post it as frequently as possible.

Attitude is everything!