Sunday, March 30, 2008

DOE Provides up to $2.4 Million to Advance Solar Energy in 12 U.S. Cities

On March 28, 2008, the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) announced that it will make available up to $2.4 million to 12 U.S. cities to advance solar energy. Secretary Samuel W. Bodman announced the 2008 Solar America Cities on March 28th while delivering keynote remarks at the New Frontiers in Energy Summit 2008 in Denver, Colorado.

Solar America Cities are chosen for their commitment and comprehensive approach to overcoming barriers to and developing infrastructure that supports increased deployment of solar technologies in their municipalities. The cities' solar projects further President Bush's Solar America Initiative (SAI), which aims to make solar electricity from photovoltaics cost-competitive with conventional forms of electricity from the utility grid by 2015.

In addition to funding, DOE provides hands-on assistance from technical experts to help Solar America Cities integrate solar technologies into city facilities and energy planning. Experts are available to assist Solar America Cities in streamlining local regulations and practices (e.g., zoning and building codes) that affect the adoption of solar technologies by residents and businesses. They can also help the cities develop solar financing options and incentive programs as well promote solar technology among residents and local businesses through outreach and curriculum development.

Cities designated as 2008 Solar America Cities will each receive up to $200,000 from DOE to help support their solar efforts. The 2008 Solar America Cities are:
- Denver, Colorado
- Houston, Texas
- Knoxville, Tennessee
- Milwaukee, Wisconsin
- Minneapolis - St. Paul, Minnesota
- Orlando, Florida
- Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
- Sacramento, California
- San Antonio, Texas
- San Jose, California
- Santa Rosa, California
- Seattle, Washington

For more information, visit the DOE press release.

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