Monday, February 18, 2008

2008 is Year of Carbon Trading and Finance

With a new US president certain to climate change legislation within 2 years and many states now moving forward, carbon trading and finance has ratcheted up this year. Already, the first compliance trade for the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative was completed on February 14th, and investors are now circling the space to deploy capital.

"Carbon Trading and Finance is accelerating in 2008 due to impending climate change legislation moving forward in DC next year. Investors are now much more engaged on learning about this emerging sector," said Peter Fusaro, Chairman, Global Change Associates.

The Wall Street Green Trading Summit VII has anticipated changes in the market place for several years on carbon, renewables and energy efficiency. This year's conference on April 2 and 3rd in New York City promises to break new ground on carbon trading and finance. Many new
businesses are now emerging predicated on the monetizing of carbon credits. Wall Street banks and hedge funds are gearing up to provide the needed market making and financial services.

This year's event has a stellar cast of pioneers in environmental finance and trading. It also brings together many of the exchanges active in the market including NYMEX, CCX, APX and Nord Pool. Investment banks are well represented by JP Morgan, Morgan Stanley and Fortis Bank. And the seven green hedge funds will present their expertise on emissions, renewables, water, and forest products.

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