Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Green$aver offers gift certificates to improve home energy efficiency

Green$aver, a non-profit leader in home energy efficiency audits, is giving consumers the gift of improving home energy efficiency with home energy audit gift certificates.

Consumers can choose either a preliminary energy assessment or a complete preliminary and post energy assessment to give as a gift certificate. The preliminary energy assessment guarantees a comprehensive visual inspection of the entire residence, a blower door test (a measurement of the change in air leakage in the house) and a computer modeling report that identifies where energy efficient upgrades will provide the greatest benefit. The energy assessment starts the qualification process for the homeowner to receive up to $5,000 for specific energy efficiency upgrades from the federal ecoENERGY(tm) Retrofit program. It also enables qualification for the Ontario provincial government's grant program, which will match the federal grant funds given. In order to complete the qualification process, after the energy upgrades are made, a post energy assessment is required.

For more information, go to www.greensaver.org.

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