Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Integrated Eco-Investor, Kyoto Planet Financial, Launches

Kyoto Planet Financial formally launched. The firm is comprised of two key business groups: Kyoto Planet Asset Management, which works with individual investors, and Kyoto Planet Capital Partners, which invests in renewable energy and clean technology companies. Kyoto Planet Financial has a strong social and environmental mandate and provides one-third of net profits to fund non-profit initiatives around the world.
“Kyoto Plant Asset Management gives individual investors the opportunity to make their money grow while helping support important renewable energy and green companies,” said Damien Reynolds, Chairman and Founder of parent Kyoto Planet Group, who has been a leading investor in natural resources and renewable energy for more than 20 years, having raised more than $250 million in capital for growing junior companies. “Kyoto Planet Capital Partners is committed to providing entrepreneurs and green companies unparalleled access to knowledge, capital and services, by activating a range of financial tools and services under one roof.”

Kyoto Planet Asset Management
Kyoto Planet Asset Management provides investors with professionally managed investments in global renewable energy and environmental technology industries with large market potential through the Kyoto Planet Fund. The firm will invest in public and private renewable energy and clean technology companies in areas that have breakthrough intellectual property and other competitive advantages. Approximately 25% of Kyoto Planet Fund is targeted to invest in private equity, either directly or indirectly through Kyoto Planet Capital Partners

Kyoto Planet Capital Partners
With five initial eco-friendly investments totaling approximately CDN$15 million, Kyoto Planet Capital Partners is a unique eco-investor that brings together key financial management services for private companies in the areas of renewable energy, clean technology, alternative fuels, and other eco-focused sectors. The principals of Kyoto Planet Capital Partners have a proven record of creating value and have started with the company's initial investments:
- Renewable Energy
Finavera Renewables (TSX.V: FVR) is a publically listed company that focuses on electricity production from wind farms and wave parks. It is also developing the AquaBuOY technology.
- Clean Technology
Atlantic Hydrogen Inc is developing a technology called CarbonSaver that will provide an incredible future for the hydrogen market. Their innovative process produces Hydrogen Enriched Natural Gas on site via a cutting edge plasma burst process.
- Alternative Fuels
Pan Asia Biofuels is a biodiesel company focused on producing and selling biodiesel made from the Jatropha plant. While its initial focus is within the South East Asian market, its long term strategy is to be a major producer for the global market.
- Other Eco Sectors
Ecomaniacal Productions, a television production company based in Los Angeles which focuses on influencing behavior through eco‐conscious programming for the mass media.
cleanairpass is a company that provides a platform for both individuals and businesses to offset their carbon footprint.

Kyoto Planet Capital Partners brings added value to innovative companies in the renewable energy, clean technology, and eco-focused sectors. In addition to energy and cleantech sector expertise, the company offers entrepreneurs access to financial management services, including investor relations and grant relations. For example, Kyoto Planet’s grant relations team specializes in helping renewable and eco-friendly companies win grant and contribution funding from government and private sources with standard technology grant solicitations, to periodic and location specific opportunities.

“Kyoto Planet has been a great fit for cleanairpass,” said Bryce Conacher, founder and CEO of cleanairpass. “Access to their extensive resources and expertise has been a key enabler to allowing us to rapidly scale our business model. Kyoto Planet Capital Partners isn’t just about money, it’s about people, planet and profit.”

Investors with a Conscience
As part of its mission, Kyoto Planet Financial has also committed to giving one-third of its net profits to the Kyoto Planet Foundation. The Foundation, which is in the process of creating its charter, will work to support non-profit initiatives in communities around the world. "Although we were founded on the belief that individuals and the private sector must take the lead to address our planetary challenges, we also know that additional help is needed in economically and ecologically challenged communities," said Reynolds.


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