Wednesday, September 19, 2007 Launches – Offers Free Custom Data and Evaluations for At-Home Wind and Solar Energy Solutions

ChooseRenewables™ today announced the launch of its Web site at, offering a one-stop destination that helps consumers understand their energy impact and take action to improve it. As global warming continues to generate headlines and energy prices escalate, consumers are increasingly seeking ways to reduce the impact of their energy use and save money. With ChooseRenewables’ free MyEnergy Analyst™ consumers receive a clear picture of their personal energy impact and can implement a simple plan to reduce it with a MyEnergy Makeover™. The one-of-a-kind MyWatts Renewables Estimator™ allows users to simply enter their address and receive a free evaluation of potential solar and wind options they may be eligible to install at their home or business.

“Our mission is to not only educate consumers, but to empower them to take action by connecting them with realistic, easy-to-implement solutions that can dramatically reduce and diversify their energy use,” said Michael Ford, founder and president of ChooseRenewables. “We encourage our customers to focus on reducing their energy use by adopting energy efficient technologies and changing their own behavior – and then use a portion of the savings reaped by energy conservation to support a clean and independent energy future through on-site renewable energy generation and other means.”

Personalized Energy Tools and Solutions

ChooseRenewables offers three main measurement tools that together offer the most comprehensive way for consumers to reduce their energy impact. They include:

·The MyEnergy Analyst helps consumers calculate the impact of their annual energy use by pooling statistics and data from the U.S. Department of Energy to measure emissions of carbon, mercury, nitrogen oxides, sulfur dioxide and total cost of energy. Once calculated, the MyEnergy Analyst breaks down the energy impact at home, while driving, and while flying and compares the consumer’s impact to that of the average individual with a similarly-sized home in their region.

·Users can then create and implement a MyEnergy Makeover to reduce their energy use through conservation, offsets or generation of renewable energy. ChooseRenewables encourages its customers to implement energy saving technology and behavior, and then use a portion of those dollar savings to fund their commitment to renewable energy.

·ChooseRenewables’ exclusive MyWatts Renewables Estimator allows users to enter their home or business address and instantly see their on-site wind and solar power potential. The tool provides an estimated payback period for a wind turbine or solar installation based on the magnitude of wind and solar incentives available to them, combined with the average wind speed, solar radiation, state and federal incentives and current electricity cost at that location. An algorithm then examines the viability of an on-site wind or solar power installation, and within seconds provides an intelligent display of the on-site solar and wind power potential coupled with a detailed Google Earth map of the physical location. The tool uses data published by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory to estimate the average wind speed and solar radiation.

The U.S. market for small wind solutions is estimated to continue growing at a 14-25% annual rate[1], with solar solutions forecasted to grow 27-32% per year[2]. For consumers with a good site for wind or solar energy generation, ChooseRenewables offers a detailed analysis of their options based on local market data and site-specific wind speed data to arm them with the information they need to make a sound renewable energy investment.

If consumers discover they have limited wind and solar options for their home, the ChooseRenewables Online Store also offers a variety of products and services to help homeowners conserve as much energy as possible, including an energy conservation kit that contains compact florescent light bulbs, insulation and gap fillers, low-flow shower heads and a programmable thermostat.

ChooseRenewables also provides options to help consumers offset their conventional energy use through renewable energy credits (RECs). By purchasing RECs, consumers can displace other non-renewable sources from the electric grid.

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