Monday, July 02, 2007

Solaire Direct raises EUR 6,1M

French solar power production company Solaire Direct raised €6.1M ($8,2M) to finance its initial development.

Investors include TechFund, Schneider Electric Ventures, and Demeter Partners. The founding team sound like it has the know-how to make a go of it. They need a combination of people able to raise capital and know the solar industry: Thierry Lepercq (Founder of NetsCapital which was a venture fund), Amaury Korniloff (former - Business Development Director of Poweo, an independant power generation company), Stéphane Jallat (ex Industrial Director Tenesol) and Abdel Bounia (ex Engineering Manager Photowatt).

Founded just eight months ago, Solaire Direct is the first photovoltaic specialist dedicated entirely to solar energy production in France. The company designs, finances, installs and exploits photovoltaic structures of all sizes from residential installations to ground power stations, it said.

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