Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Clean and Intelligent Power Solutions Perform on Nasdaq with EnerNOC

Shares of EnerNoc Inc. rose $5.13, or 19.73%, to close at $31.13 per share in their Nasdaq debut Friday, May 18...
A very clear sign that financial markets' appetite for clean power is increasing. EnerNOC ranges amongst the top Demand Response Providers in the US, together with Comverge (also a successfull IPO few weeks ago), ConsumerPowerline, and Energy Curtailment Specialists. Those companies remotely manage and reduce electricity consumption across a network of customer sites, to make demand response capacity and energy available to grid operators and utilities on demand. This allows namely to replace very expensive and very dirty peak power plants.
The Demand Response Provider business model has not extended outside North America yet, and is expected to grow worldwide in the coming years. Please indicate noteworthy initiatives in this field!

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