Sunday, April 22, 2007

New Clean Energy Storage Nanotechnology

Nanoexa Delivers Disruptive Battery Technology to Korean Manufacturer Strong Partnership Enables Rapid Commercialization of Advanced Batteries

SOUTH SAN FRANCISCO, Calif., April 19, 2007 ­ Nanoexa, a nanotechnology-based clean energy company, today announced that the company has delivered new technology to Decktron, Nanoexa¹s publicly traded subsidiary in Korea, as a result of a Non-Recurring Engineering (NRE) agreement. Decktron, an advanced technology manufacturing company, will apply the nanotechnology to the development of a new generation of lithium ion batteries.

³This new nanotechnology will enable Decktron to create the best batteries on the market,² said S. S. Kim, Chief Strategy Officer of Decktron. ³Since we partnered with Nanoexa last fall, we have been confident in the company¹s continued ability to provide Decktron with the kind of technology that will secure our position as the battery industry leader.²

To be used in combination with existing intellectual property from Argonne National Laboratory, the technology is based on a positive electrode material that is comprised of a unique nano-crystalline layered-layered composite structure. This cathode technology will give Decktron¹s batteries the ability to deliver more than 3000 W/kg, making Decktron¹s lithium batteries among the best-performing on the market today. In addition to the technology, the intellectual property transfer includes a description of low-cost, scaleable methods to manufacture positive electrode material in high volume.

³This rapid IP output and subsequent technology transfer affirms Nanoexa¹s commitment to commercializing the next wave of battery advancements,² said Michael Pak, CEO of Nanoexa. ³The layered-layered design of the battery will ensure its stability and safety. We are confident that this agreement with Decktron will result in a safe energy storage solution perfect for the power tool and HEV markets.²

About Nanoexa
Nanoexa is an international clean energy company focused on bringing innovative clean energy storage products to market. With a rapid systems-level approach to commercialization, Nanoexa is has assembled an extensive IP portfolio, initially focused on lithium ion batteries. Through its novel materials and computational modeling platform, it improves material performance while dramatically reducing time to commercialization.
In 2006, Nanoexa acquired a controlling interest in Decktron, a South Korea-based company offering highly efficient, environmentally sustainable battery technologies. Nanoexa is based in South San Francisco, California.
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About Decktron
Decktron is an advanced technology and manufacturing company focused on delivering next generation lithium batteries that deliver exceptional performance and safety levels. In addition to lithium batteries, Decktron is a leading supplier of flat panel displays, including LCD and PDP, generating revenues of $100 million in 2005. Decktron will continue to grow its flat panel display business while becoming a global supplier of advanced lithium batteries for high end professional and consumer applications. Decktron is publicly traded on the Korean Stock Exchange (KOSDAQ:053070) and is headquartered in Seoul, Korea. For further information, visit .

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