Monday, February 26, 2007

VYCON Announces Purchase of REGEN System by PSA Korean Port Operation Incheon Container Terminal (ICT)

VYCON, a leader in the design and manufacture of green tech, high cycling energy storage flywheel systems, today announced that the Incheon Container Terminal (ICT) in Korea has purchased a REGEN unit to maximize fuel savings on their Rubber Tired Gantry (RTG) cranes. This marks the first installation of the REGEN system in Asia. Over the past 6 months, Korea has experienced an increase in diesel fuel costs of 30%.
For ICT, the goal of this initial purchase is to integrate the REGEN system with a reduced output diesel engine to measure and verify fuel savings. Based on positive results from this integration, ICT plans on retrofitting an additional 7 existing RTGs at their site, and will be purchasing 8 new RTGs in 2008 that will have the REGEN system installed by the manufacturer prior to delivery.
Fuel savings are achieved through the REGEN's ability to harness the power generated during the lifting operations and use it during the crane's peak lifting cycles. Because of the duty cycle of the RTG crane, the reduced output diesel engine will provide additional fuel savings during idling. Exclusively with the support of the REGEN system, an RTG crane can be retrofitted with a lower output diesel engine. Expected fuel savings are in the range of 30 to 45% with this design.
VYCON has successfully launched the REGEN system in the ports of Southern California as an emission reduction system, offering up to 67% decrease in Particulate Matter (PM) emissions. Using the REGEN system will allow operators to install smaller output diesel engines, and not only improve on the emission reduction but also increases the fuel savings from 20-25% with the REGEN alone to 30-45% in combination with the smaller engine.Source: Press Release

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