Monday, February 06, 2006

UK renewable energy hits turbulence

A minor victory for opponents of wind farms and supporters of nuclear energy will be provided this week by new data showing that the UK has slipped from the world’s most attractive country to develop renewable energy to the fourth in a year.

The claim is contained in Ernst & Young’s quarterly report for Winter 2005, published on Monday. The decline suggests the concerted campaign waged by the anti-wind farm lobby is succeeding and that support for nuclear is growing.

The report will also say that the UK government is moving ever further from its goal of achieving 10% renewables generation by 2010. Only 450MW of wind power was installed in 2005, far short of the number required to meet the 2010 target.

The report is expected to blame difficulties in getting planning permission on key new power lines for holding up development of wind farms across the UK.

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